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Post the screening of the 2021 movie,' The Balcony', directed by the Polish director Pawel Łozinski, Will Zavala, a visiting lecturer for Film and Media Studies at The University of Pittsburgh, decided to interview people attending the CMU IFF showcase in 2023 and record their reactions to a simple question,' Why are you here at CMU IFF?'. While he was met with hard pauses and reflective silences, he also captured some interesting perspectives. All the 'Faces' in the video answered questions in a way that aptly represented the 2023 theme, 'Faces of Change'. Coping with the pandemic and ever-changing perspectives concerning culture, inclusivity and views towards international cinema, our CMU IFF attendees proved that we as a festival, are a niche community set to embark on a global journey of loving art, cinema and everything in between.

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