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Web Developer and Webmaster

Positions Available: 5 - 8

Hours per week: Fall/Spring: 8 - 10

The CMU IFF Web Developer & Webmaster Interns are responsible for implementing new layout designs, updating the website for the upcoming festival season, and managing the website. This includes updating the website as Festival material is edited or changed, fixing technical bugs in the website’s code, and contributing to the design and functionality of the interface. For the 2023-2024 Festival, we will open an additional 2-3 new positions to work on organizing and implementing a special historical archive project to be presented on the website.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Advanced command of computer systems and languages (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)

  • Previous experience in website design, coding, and programming

  • Knowledge of e-commerce/e-ticketing

  • Familiarity with WiX

  • An interest in Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Design, and Content Management

To apply, send your resume and any other requested portfolios/samples to the Festival Director, Jolanta Lion at

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