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Social Media

Positions Available: 2

Hours per week: Fall/Spring: 10 - 12

The CMU IFF Social Media Intern is responsible for developing a strong and inventive social media campaign specific to the Festival’s personality and current thematic image. This includes the Festival’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Meetup accounts, as well as the creation of any new accounts. Work will be executed in tandem with the Marketing Committee, but the Social Media Intern will focus specifically on social media. The Social Media Intern will be expected to both contribute to and improve our existing social media presence. Social media responsibilities will include scheduling and executing a detailed, enthusiastic, and unique campaign, in addition to broadening the Festival’s audience and involving current audiences in engaging activities and/or competitions.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Experience in PR and/or social media

  • Advanced writing skills

  • Strong public speaking skills

  • Interest in the film industry

To apply, send your resume and any other requested portfolios/samples to the Festival Director, Jolanta Lion at

** Please include 3 social media posts/pitches for social media event promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (one per site.) Additional pitches for other social media pages are welcome.**

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