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Marketing and Communications

Positions Available: 4 - 6

Hours per week: Fall/Spring: 10 - 12

CMU IFF Marketing and Communications Interns are responsible for developing and implementing a unique marketing plan for the upcoming season. This includes building public relations with the media, local universities, and other organizations, promoting all Festival events throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, and managing a creative and effective social media platform. The Marketing and Communications Intern will be expected to focus sizable interest and energy into developing engaging print and digital advertising tactics, including seasonal promotions. The intern will also be asked to assist in writing projects that will be used for festival promotional materials. The Marketing and Communications Team will be responsible for organizing a data-tracking system and preparing periodic reports to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Experience in PR

  • Advanced writing skills

  • Strong public speaking skills

  • Interest in the film industry

To apply, send your resume and any other requested portfolios/samples to the Festival Director, Jolanta Lion at

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