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Positions Available: Fall: 8 - 10 | Spring: 10 - 15

Hours per week: Fall: 8 - 10 | Spring: 10 - 15

CMU IFF Logistics Interns are responsible for ensuring a smooth Operation of the Festival Events. The Logistics Interns will be expected to coordinate venue bookings, operate the McConomy Auditorium Film Booth, Coordinate Merchandise Purchases, Book Catering, organize the Run of Show, Create the Pre-screening Slide Show, and lead set-up and take-down of events. The Logistics Interns will work closely with the Event Coordination Committee to implement Festival Events and the Development Committee to ensure that purchases are within budget. One member of the Logistics team will become an Authorized Signer for SLICE to coordinate Festival purchases.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
  • Previous experience in event coordination

  • Strong knowledge of event operations.

  • Advanced and Timely Oral Communication Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • An ability to operate or a willingness to learn how to operate a Film Booth and Manage Venue Technical Support

  • Experience coordinating festival purchases in adherence to an evolving budget.

To apply, send your resume and any other requested portfolios/samples to the Festival Director, Jolanta Lion at

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