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Goddamned Asura

Directed by Lou Yi-An

Run Time: 114 mins 
Released: Taiwan/2022 
Language:  Mandarin Chinese

Taiwan's official selection for the 95th Academy Awards, Goddamned Asura presents youth, violence, and the consequences of a digital world. Following what is seemingly a senseless act of violence, the film traces the histories of six people and their connection to the event. The film questions our relationship with digital media. Is it a tool of obsessive distraction or an agent of change? What can we expect from a youth generation that views the world as absurd and untenable? Goddamned Asura forays into the social issues that flood our TV screens, a disquieting parallel to the stream of flashing lights that characterize the film. 

Co-presented by the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York City

Co-sponsored by  SCREENSHOT: ASIA,  and the Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh

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 "Lou Yi-an’s ambitious ensemble drama is densely plotted and demanding but slowly develops into a mournful portrait of alienation, discontent, poverty and the way in which all actions have consequences… Complex and multi-layered, Goddamned Asura is an absorbing, melancholy reflection on the fickleness of life and the ability to control your own destiny, persuasively played by a strong ensemble cast." – Screen Daily

Event includes

Q&A and Discussion with director Lou Yi-An and actress Wang Yu-Xuan

Moderated by Kun Qian, Professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Film, University of Pittsburgh


Reception catered by Rose Tea Cafe and Many More Asian Supermarket


Lou Yi-An

Lou Yi-An constructs his narratives with a unique brand of darkness and absurdity. Having received multiple awards for both television and film, Yi-An has proven talent in his craft. He is a screenwriter for the tv series Heaven on the 4th Floor. His most recent film, Goddamned Asura  has earned critical success in the Taiwanese film festival circuit and was chosen as the official selection of Taiwan for the 95th Academy Awards. 



  • Official Selection of Taiwan for the 95th Academy Awards

  • Winner of Festival Prize for Best Screenplay, Taipei Film Festival

  • Winner of Festival Prize for Best Supporting Actress, Taipei Film Festival

  • Winner of Festival Prize for Best Music, Taipei Film Festival

  • Winner of Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Horse Film Festival

Screening Soon!

Date: March 25
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: CMU, McConomy Auditorium @ Jared L. Cohon Center

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