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Full Time

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Co-presented with the Film & Media Studies Program and the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh, and the CMU Film & Visual Media Program in the Department of English 

Co-sponsored by CMU Department of Modern Languages, Carlow University

Directed by Éric Gravel

Run Time: 88 mins 
Released: France, 2021
Language:  French

Full Time puts the alarm clock in the spotlight. Our nonstop hero beeps, swipes, and runs to fit 36 hours into a single work day.  Add motherhood into the dizziness of low-wage labor, and we meet Full Time in its entirety. At first glance the film appears to be the slice-of-life of a single mother trying her best. Yet, as we relate more and more with her struggle; the missed transport, the interview cram, the endless tardiness, we begin to see a critique of the systems we live and work in. And yet, within all of the stress, fatigue, and endless running, there is hope.

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"Worked to the bone because of her inability to find decent employment and child care, because her supervisor only values her insofar as she obeys like a robot, Julie is a veritable Everywoman, in thrall to a system that demands productivity at every turn. Such a life makes one brittle, but there are no breaks." – The New York Times


Opening Night includes

Virtual Q&A with director Éric Gravel
Moderated by Da
na Och, Media Studies Professor, University of Pittsburgh


Opening Night Gala Reception catered by La Gourmandine and local French catering company

Additional Screening includes

Community Discussion hosted by Director at Make.Media Jose Munian

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Éric Gravel

A graduate of Mel-Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal, Éric Gravel works as a screenwriter and director.  Living in France for the past 20 years, Gravel made many short films before his 2017 feature film debut, Crash Test Aglaé. Full Time is his second feature film, earning a variety of international awards.



  • Winner for Best Director, Venice Film Festival

  • Winner for Best Actress, Venice Film Festival

  • Winner for Best Music, Beijing International Film Festival

  • Nominee for Best Original Screenplay, César Awards

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Screening Soon!


Date: March 16
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: CMU, McConomy Auditorium @ Jared L. Cohon Center



Date: March 28
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Gailiot Center @ Carlow University, 3333 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh

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