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Sometimes I Think About Dying
Original Title:
Sometimes I Think About Dying
95 minutes
United States
Rachel Lambert
In the blissless monotony of everyday life, has there ever been a time when you’ve thought about dying? Sometimes, life is just that demoralizing. In Sometimes I Think About Dying, protagonist Fran's mind is rooted someplace far away, buried in the peace of nature: sometimes, she is lying on a rotting log, sometimes surrounded by a forest. And she dies there. But upon pulling away, she returns to face the boring male bosses in the office, trivial matters, banal gossip. Living a cut-off life, she sets aside time in the evening hours for herself to watch films, drink wine, and finally unite body and spirit. Audiences are left to wonder whether those who wish most of all merely to withdraw from the world may simply be seeking out the warmth of a close embrace in secret.
It’s a simple story, crafted with care and skill, with an undeniable depth to its resonance.---The Seattle Times
+ Sundance Film Festival: 2023 Nominee Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
+ Bend Film Festival: 2023 Winner Best Cinematography Best Cinematography
+ Champs-Élysées Film Festival: 2023 Nominee Prix du jury Longs métrages américains
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Heinz College DICE, University of Pittsburgh David C. Frederick Honors College
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April 6


Harris Theater

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Rachel Lambert

Director Bio

Rachel Lambert is a writer-director hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Her debut feature, IN THE RADIANT CITY, produced by Jeff Nichols and starring Marin Ireland, Michael Abbott Jr., Paul Sparks, and Celia Weston, premiered to rave reviews at TIFF 2016 and was nominated for the New American Cinema Award.

Rachel’s sophomore feature, SOMETIMES I THINK ABOUT DYING, starring Daisy Ridley, recently premiered opening night of Sundance 2023 in US Dramatic Competition. Alongside Nate Gregorski, she also sold the spec script THEY WERE JUST NICE PEOPLE to Netflix with Adam Sandler attached to star and Dylan Clark producing.

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