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Original Title:
157 minutes
Quechua, Spanish with English Subtitles
Marco Panatonic
Kinra follows the story of Atoqcha, an Andes peasant who moves to Cusco to find work and training. With a sensitive, authentic touch in depicting the lives of the Peruvian people, this film weaves a touching story through its mise en scene and complex characters. At its core, it is a story of migration true to many modern countries’ histories—that of people roaming from their rural lands to cities—but also one of movement, existence, and all that comes in between. Travels, work, and bureaucracy are given time and space on screen alongside rest, rituals, and conversations in the ancient Quechua tongue. All comes together to leave one wondering about the power of one’s origins, and about the constant inner drive to tie identity to homeland.
“We are linked to the land, to agriculture, and that dimension is ignored by philanthropic ideas about the original indigenous, a perspective that translates a culture for reports, artistic projects, etc. Cusco is a tourist city and the images generated seek to whiten all the complexity of its people and their dynamics. In Los ríos profundos, Arguedas writes: “My father's Cuzco, the one he had described to me perhaps a thousand times, could not be that one.” I live on the Right Bank in Cusco, a dangerous neighborhood in the eyes of people who live in the center. That everyday life had to be in the film, those streets and mountains, my people… The photography team supported the objective of moving away from a conventional composition, because even the camera already gave us a very clean image. I needed our lives and the places we live in to be just as they are: precarious, without makeup.” --Marco Panatonic on spatial dimension in Kinra
+ Mar del Plata Film Festival: Golden Astor Award for Best Feature Length Film
Presented By: 
Latin American Cultural Center, CMU Department of Modern Languages (Hispanic Studies)
Sponsored By:
Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation

Event Schedule


March 28


McConomy Auditorium

Screening Time:


Doors Open:


Pre-screening Event(s)

+Music Video Screening from Quechua Rapper Liberato Kani
+Tamales and Empanadas tasting from Chicken Latino

Post-screening Event(s)

+Zoom Q & A Discussion with Director Marco Panatonic, Moderated by CMU Professor Anne Lambright

Additional Event(s)

+Liberato Kani Live Performance
April 4th at the Frick Fine Arts Building

Event Decoration
Marco Panatonic

Director Bio

Marco Panatonic, from Chumbivilcas, Cusco, Peru, is a talented writer/director who has a passion for bona fide storytelling. He created the shorts Cuando ya no estemos aquí in 2016 and Q’ellucha in 2017. He has collaborated with other producers and directors, working on César Venero’s La final (2014) and Marina Herrera’s Heroines (2022). He has also worked in Elisa Eliash’s Fever (2022). Kinra is his first feature film that debuted in 2023 and was met with critical acclaim.

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